Front Desk Services:




Conference Room














Dry Cleaning


Food Delivery



            Reception - Tenants and Guests will be greeted by a friendly receptionist upon entering the front door.  Your guests will either be directed to your office or asked to have a seat in our beautiful spacious waiting area until you are ready to receive them.



            Conference Room(s) – Conference Room reservations are made through the Front Desk attendant.  Projection screen, projector, coffee, and/or water may be requested along with use of a conference room.  A calendar showing available dates may be viewed on the tenant website.



            Coffee/Water – Coffee and water will be available at all times in the kitchenette located at the back of the lobby.



            Postage – Each tenant will be assigned a pin number for use of the postage meter.  Drop your mail off at the front desk, and we will apply the appropriate postage and deliver your mail to the post office at the end of each business day.  Postage will be billed back to tenant on a monthly basis.



            Printing/Copying – A commercial printer/copier is available for tenant use.  Each tenant will receive a pin number to access the printer.   Print jobs can be sent to the printer directly from your office or reproductions made by physically taking them to the copier.  Printer/copier is capable of producing both black/white and color print jobs. 



             Maintenance – Maintenance Request Forms are available on the tenant website and at the Front Desk.  Maintenance Request Forms should be completed and submitted to Front Desk attendant. 



            IT – Omega Professional Building is capable of providing IT services to tenants.  IT work will be billed back to tenant at an hourly rate.  IT service requests should be submitted to Front Desk attendant.



            Notarizing – A Notary Public is available to tenants of Omega Professional Building.  Notary services are free of charge to tenants.



            Dry Cleaning – Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service is available two days per week.  Delivery and pick-up service is free of charge to tenants.



            Food Delivery – The Front Desk attendant has a menu from which you may select food items that can be delivered directly to your office.  This service is available at the expense of the tenant.