The Owners


Gwen Osborne, Brenda Osborne, and Sheila Osborne Wagnon have worked as partners for over three decades in a multitude of business ventures.  Senior housing has been the staple in the real estate portfolio of this group.  They have developed, constructed, and either sold, leased or operated scores of senior housing projects.  Commercial office space, residential development, and many non-real estate projects have also been tackled by these three sisters.




Gwen Osborne holds a PhD in Organizational Management.  She is a born leader whose visionary input takes these partners down some very adventuresome paths.  Gwen’s creativity and great eye for design are evident in the projects completed by the group.




Brenda Osborne is the communications guru.  Her mastery of the English language polishes and improves the company’s written and oral communications.  She also serves as a liaison with our clients and the public and mediates any conflict resolution within our organization.   Brenda’s ability to expresses herself transcends words . . . she is also a talented artist whose works tell a story of their own.




Sheila Osborne Wagnon manages the ongoing operations of the organization.  Her affinity for orderliness and procedure undergird her enthusiastic approach to overseeing projects and people.